Sentinel cleans up

Sentinel cleans up

Sentinel offer water treatment products and services for heating and hot water systems. We produced these CG elements for a short video demonstrating water treatment best practice for central heating efficiency and protection.

As the 3D camera travelled through the water pipes, we needed to show the build-up of grime over time and then the effects of the Sentinel System in removing that dirt. As anyone who has ever created water simulations in the CG industry will testify, this can be a tricky process, especially when certain splashes need to be 'art directed'!


Storyboard for Powell commercial

There's a great deal of pre-production that goes into any animation and it nearly always starts with a storyboard. Here's an example of a more refined sketch for the Powell animation we did, which quite faithfully represents the end product.

From this stage we produced a 3D animatic so we could work out the camera moves ahead of the greenscreen shot, and ultimately be confident on-set that everything would would work when it came to post-production. Check out the final animation here: Powell animation.

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