A little Hermès holiday magic

A little Hermès holiday magic

To help bring a bit of Christmas spirit to the famous brand of Hermes of Paris, Picmo had the pleasure of producing this illustration of their iconic horse. This stylized character was made entirely in CG but made to look like it was hand moulded from clay with a simple paper-based environment.

Enjoy the holidays and happy new year to you all!

Visualising New Builds

Visualising New Builds

This first build, called The Amman, is part of an ongoing site development we are visualising for HRW in Carmarthenshire. These completely CG images will be used for marketing the properties ahead of completion both digitally and in print. Keep en eye out for more soon.

Whether in need of images of a proposed new development for presentation purposes, a planning application or for marketing off-plan, we're here to help so drop us a line.

Introducing Ernie

Introducing Ernie

Meet the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment... or Ernie for short. Created as part of an interactive app for the iPad, this highly sophisticated piece of machinery not only generates random numbers, but does so with plenty of vocal attitude!

WorldPay's Animal People

WorldPay's People Adventure

We recently created a series of 3D characters as part of a marketing campaign for WorldPay, who provide a global payment processing service for all sorts of businesses, big and small. Chances are if you order things over the Internet, then you've done so via WorldPay at some point or another.

The People Adventures campaign featured animals in the form of key career roles, including a bear as 'The Challenger', a cheetah as 'The Pacesetter' and an eagle as the 'The Visionary'. There are more characters to come, but in the meantime keep an eye out for the billboards - they're all over the UK at the moment!


Branding for S4/C show Antura

Here's the approved ID for Antura, a Welsh language childrens television series which will be broadcast on S4/C on Mondays. The series follows the adventures of eight youngsters who are left in the wilds of a secret forest in West Wales for five days and five nights.

Using wood, ropes and foliage as the primary design element and to tie in with the bushcraft theme of the show, the title will be used across all media including the opening sequence. Look closely and you'll see we even introduced some big cats, as the winner of the show will win a jungle trip to Borneo!

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