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Dinomites is based in a prehistoric time when life was all about surviving long enough to see the next day. The Grunts are a team of fearless egg-hunting warrior cavemen that will risk everything for the ultimate prize... the dino egg, or 'Yombi' as they like to mumble. With a somewhat earlier discovery than the history books will have us believe, this elite group have mastered the art of extracting nitrating glycerol from the hills of Jabberhammer and absorb it in sawdust-wrapped dino skin for devastatingly lethal effects. Today this explosive material is more commonly found in dynamite, and this is where the name really originates from. Brute, Knuckles, Sarge, Mumbles and Stumpy must cross deep canyons, club their way past blood-thirsty predators and use every means at their disposal to bring home the Yombi. This normally includes an excessive amount of dynamite of course... particularly if Mumbles is involved! Available soon on iOS and Android platforms.

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